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  • Making A Chicken Dust Bath

    How to Make a Chicken Dust Bath

    Chicken Dust Bath With Diatomaceous Earth

    Chicken Dust Bath For Your Chickens Health!

    Chickens don’t bath their bodies with water the way humans do, or the way we clean our pooches off. They use soil to clean their plumage (feathers) instead and this form of bathing is very vital to their health.  Chickens really enjoy taking a dust bath to clean their feathers and help with mites and other parasites that like to feast on your chicken and sap the energy out of your chicken.

    How to Make a Chicken Dust Bath

    Chicken Dust Bath With Wood Ash

    Other important factors for supplying your chicken with a dust bath are: They help remove excess oil from the chickens feathers. Dusting is also a method chickens use to cool off when it’s hot out.Making a dust bath for your chickens dose not have to be anything hard, and is actually an easy project that you can make with items you may have on hand already, or for very little expense.

    To make a chicken dust bath you can use things such as; Scrap Wood, old blocks or rocks, old tire, kids swimming pool, large cat litter box, etc… Just about anything will do that will allow the chicken to get in and get a good dusting.

    Once your dust bath is finished fill it up with soil. Only fill to about three-quarters of the box height.

    Place it at the opposite end to the food. This will prevent the chickens from kicking dust into their food when they clean themselves.

    After chickens spend a lot of time in a chicken run usually the chickens will end up making a dust bath all by themselves.  If your chicken run is in an area that is free of grass and rocks, your chickens will begin digging a shallow hole and fluffing around in the dirt or soil.

    Make sure you check the chicken dust bath regularly to clean out bird feces, particles, etc. and to top up the soil as needed. Other than that, stand back and let them enjoy it!

    If you are having a problem with mites and lice in your chickens already you may want to do what I do and fill your chicken dust bath with Diatomaceous Earth.  Make sure you get a good food grade that will be OK if it gets into the drinking water or the chickens feed. I actually add a small handful to the drinking water and the feed whenever I clean out the dust bath.

    Another good source to use in your chickens dust bath to help control lice and mites is wood ash from your fireplace or outside campfire pit.

    Wood charcoal can very beneficial and an important supplement for your poultry. Charcoal has the capabilities to absorb toxins and is capable of absorbing up to two hundred times its own weight.  Extensive research suggests that animals consume it for its medicinal, toxin-binding properties. The charcoal is also a laxative and so then can work twofold and move the impurities it absorbs out of the body. If worms or worm ova are present, it can to some degree help move them out of the body as well.

    My chickens also from time to time are seen eating the wood ash as well as charcoal. Wood ash is highly soluble in vitamin K, followed by calcium and magnesium. Vitamin K is useful for blood clotting in poultry.  Wood ash has a very nice texture to aid in dust bathing and adding it to your chickens dust bath to eat and dust in will give your poultry a double-benefit!

    Happy Dust Bathing to your Chickens!

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