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  • Choosing the Right Breed of Chicken to Raise.

    Choosing a Chicken Breed to Raise

    Do you want Dark Brown eggs?  Maybe it is light brown eggs? What about Blue or green? Perhaps the white egg best suites the person who just can’t handle the change from buying your standard white eggs from the local grocery store.

    Fresh eggs just plain and simply taste great and are packed with nutrition.  A flock of chickens producing the many colors of eggs available is also just pretty to see. Brown, white, blue, and green eggs mixed together in a bowl setting on the Kitchen counter are very nice to look at. Add in some dark chocolate brown eggs from the Marans breed and the visual pleasure increases.

    There are varieties of chickens to raise. Choosing a breed will depend on the kind of chicken that you want to raise. There are chickens that seem healthy but their egg-laying capacity is frail while other chickens give out lots of eggs every day. Before finally choosing the right chicken to raise, you have to consider a lot of things.

    Different angles must be taken into consideration like the place where your chickens will live. Do you have a big backyard? Is it wide enough to let your chosen number of chickens to roam? Do you live in the city and does your city have any ordinances against raising chickens within the ciy limits. You have to think about this factor because chickens differ in breeds – some chicken breeds are small and others are very large.

    Also, another factor is the environment you are living in. May chicken breeds are Hardy enough to survive the cold winters like we have here in Michigan.  Other chickens may not be as cold hardey and you will have to have a heat source to keep them healthy during the long winter months.  One of the reasons we love the French Marans, Cochins, and Sussex breeds are because of their winter hardiness.

    You will also need to take into consideration on the size of the chicken.  Your choice will be the large fowl or the Bantam chickens. You may want to go with Bantam chickens if you are limited on space.  You will need to use 2-3 eggs for your baking or scrambled eggs in the morning if you choose the bantam as their eggs are very small.

    Bantams can also be a little bit hardheaded. They love to fly around.

    If you are looking for a cheap egg-laying chicken, you can settle with a leghorn. The leghorn chicken is an egg laying machine and is the source for most of your white eggs you will find in your local grocery store. You may have to eventually clip their wings because they are flighty. Also, they are a bit scrawny so watch out! Some breeders dare not choose a leghorn because they are ugly and are high strung.

    Looking for a chicken that’s sweet? Try the Cochins and the Sussex breeds. My Cochins are gentle giants that I love to watch out looking for insects in the yard. Speckled The Sussex breeds have a personality that you will just fall in love with.  They will roam around the chicken yard happily chattering to themselves.  One of the Speckled Sussex I have we named Dora as she loves to go about her day busily exploring her surroundings. Breeds such as the Cochins and Sussex bloodlines are amazing because of certain qualities like sweetness, manners, and you have a very good breed that can easily be noticed in exhibitions.

    The Cochins and the Sussex breeds will lay a nice medium to large light brown egg and plenty of them.

    Americaunas are another breed will be soon adding to our line up of chicks we are shipping.  They have an impeccable beauty that is more radiant because of their feathers. They have a color resembling a falcon’s – dark, golden feathers. Their beaks are almost similar with a falcon’s because some breeds have pretty curved beaks. The Americauna chickens are especially known for their beautiful blue, green, and pink eggs.

    I guess my favorite birds in the flock have to be our featured breed the French Marans.  They are a light feather legged breed that lay the darkest chocolate brown eggs you will ever find.

    This breed, which originated in western France in the town of Marans, is best known for its dark chocolate colored eggs. It is a fast grower, cold hardy and does well in damp areas, having been developed in a marshy portion of France.

    The marans chicken comes in many different colors and varieties including;  Black Copper Marans, Wheaten Marans, Cuckoo Marans, Silver Cuckoo Marans, Gold Cuckoo Marans,  Black Tail Buff Marans, Buff Marans, Blue Marans, Blue Birchen Marans, Black Marans, Birchen Marans.

    The most defining characteristic of the Marans breed is the large, DARK chocolate brown eggs they lay.  The dark brown color in Marans’ eggs is the result of a layer of pigment deposited over a finished egg as it passes through the oviduct.

    At Dark Eggs Daily we breed for the darkest chocolate brown eggs as possible.  Although breeding for the darkest coating on the eggs is desirable, it is also very difficult, since the genetics are basically unknown.  It is thought that several genes may be involved, all playing some role in the final outcome of egg color.  We are finding the best results are obtained by breeding pairs from the darkest eggs, and who lay the darkest eggs for the longest period of time.  As the season progresses the eggs will start to lose some of the darkness and start to slightly lighten in color.

    Young pullets tend to lay darker eggs than very old hens. However, pullets that have just begun to lay may also produce relatively pale eggs at first. Therefore, one should not judge the egg-laying abilities of a pullet until after she has laid at least 12-20 eggs, by which time her egg color will have had a chance to stabilize.

    I hope this article helps shed a little light on helping you decide which breed of chicken may be best suited for you.

    Try out the Dark egg laying Marans as I am sure you will be happy with your decision.  They are a beautiful addition to any back yard flock.

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