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Wheaten Marans

Wheaten Marans

The Wheaten line carries feathered shanks and amber eyes with light wheaten colored feathers.  They are a strikingly beautiful bird.

These birds are friendly and active, roosters are very calm and can  co-habitate nicely with eachother. They are inquisitive and a beautiful addition to any flock.

Wheaten Marans are bred to lay the prized dark chocolate egg and they are considered gourmet eggs. They are quiet…docile…very disease resistant…fast growers….dual purpose birds…With the dark eggs, during the laying cycle, the eggs can lighten and will darken again…These are some beautiful birds to be on the farm and a great addition to your flock….

2 Responses to Wheaten Marans

  1. I purchased Wheaten Marans from you this year. It is the first I ever even heard of this breed. I also purchased some from other well known breeders and I have to say your are by far the best. I have pretty much culled all of the chickens out of my flock that I purchased from the other breeders. The other breeders were not up to standard and were breeding with other chickens for size and such without disclosing this information.

    I will continue to purchase any further chicks from http://www.darkeggsdaily.com

    Thank you

    Jeff Wellman

  2. Just a quick update on the Wheaten Marans I bought this spring. They are laying now and I am getting some beautiful Dark chocolate Brown Eggs from the beautiful Wheaten Marans pullets.

    My Rooster is totally awesome. One of the best I have ever seen.

    I highly recommend them to anyone. I purchased a few other wheaten Marans eggs this year and hatched them and not one of them compared to the ones purchased from you.


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