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Black Copper Marans

Black Copper Marans

***Black Copper Marans in the U.S.

The Black Copper Marans is one of the rarest breeds of chicken in the United States. It is a fascinating breed of laying chicken; producing one of the darkest chocolate-brown eggs known. It is one of the rarest breeds in this country due to the import ban on fowl in the US. They are quite common in France.

Black Copper Marans eggs are prized by French chefs. They are also the favorite egg of James Bond. Using them for eating in the United States is almost unheard of, as they are so rare and prized. A three-egg omlet would cost more than $30; wholesale.

One of the difficulties faced by breeders of the Black Copper Marans in the US is the lack of genetic diversity. Much of the breeding stock left in this country 10 years ago was of the English variety; with smooth, unfeathered legs. The French standard calls for lightly feathered legs. There are only a few breeders that have been able to produce Marans stock that comes close to the French standard.

This site is dedicated to encouraging the pursuit of the French standard in US Black Copper Marans stock.

6 Responses to Black Copper Marans

  1. the post on your blogs are super good.

  2. rick ericksen says:

    interested in possibly getting some birds from you. however, i was interested first in chicks for the sake of the grand kids but, it looks like spring is best for that. i am a rookie but, not stupid i think i can keep them warm and dry enough if you have any available now. otherwise whats available in grown stock.

  3. We will not be shipping any more until spring. The incubators are starting up in Feb. We do not have adult birds at this time for sale and we do not ship anything but day old chicks as it is to hard and to much stress on older birds. Thank you

  4. Matthew Hinderman says:

    I would like to order 15 to 25 Black Copper Maran Chicks!

  5. Here is the email the went out explaining ho to order the chicks.

    This is Jamie from Dark Eggs Daily and I thought I would stop in
    and let you know that the spring chick orders are really filling up fast
    and how much we appreciate your interest in our chicks.

    We are starting the incubators up in Feb as long as everything goes to
    plan. Of course the weather and the chickens do not seem to follow
    the plans of man. The weather seems to play a big part in our plans.

    Right now the mild winter has the chickens thinking it is spring and they
    are going into production very nice. Of course here in Michigan we have
    plenty of winter left and things can change fast. But not anticipating any
    problems in our hatches.

    So far all is on course for eggs going in the incubators in Feb and the
    first orders going out in March.

    I am amazed at how fast this time is approaching. This years breeding
    stock is looking good and healthy right now and like I said the egg
    production has been starting to climb.

    Right now the Black Coppers, Wheatens, and the Black Tail Buffs
    are giving me the darkest eggs once again.

    We have updated the site with the breeds available and prices for 2012.
    Please check out the site and see what chicks interest you and what you
    would like to have in your order.

    The site is http://www.darkbrownegglayers.com

    If you are for sure ready to place an order so that we can make sure you
    have your chicks when you are ready for them please email me at

    Let me know your NAME, Phone Number, and ADDRESS they will be
    shipped to.

    Also let me know HOW MANY and WHAT BREEDS or breed of chicks
    you would like to order, and APPROXIMATE DATE you would like to
    receive your chicks, so we know how many eggs need to be hatched each
    week of the month.

    We will call before the eggs go into the incubator to confirm the shipment with
    you so we know the chicks being hatched do indeed have a home to go to :)

    I know I have received emails from many already but please understand I need
    you to send me another email with the information requested so I can confirm
    that you are indeed still interested.

    The chicks are sold STRAIGHT RUN ONLY! Minimum order is 15 chicks, We will
    always throw in a couple extra. The extra chicks will only be of the breeds you ordered.

    I never liked to order chicks and get a bunch of filler chicks that I did not really
    want in the first place and then have to find a home for them later.

    Thanks so much

    Jamie Imkamp
    Dark Eggs Daily

    Copy and paste the following and provide the information needed.

    Phone Number
    Shipping Address

    What Breed Needed & Amount Of chicks of each Breed

    Black Copper Maran
    Wheaten Maran
    Cuckoo Marans
    Golden Cuckoo Marans
    Silver Cuckoo Marans
    Black Tail Buff Marans
    Coronation Sussex
    Lavender Orpingtons
    Speckled Sussex
    Partridge Cochins
    Silver Laced Cochins
    Black Cochins
    Blue Cochins
    Mixed Cochins

  6. Lori Hayes says:

    What availability do you have for variety of marans available for April delivery? 16 chicks?

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